Enklare Natural Cosmetics is a Polish brand which have come into existence due to fascination for making natural cosmetics inspired by nature. We formulate unique products for those who search for simple, healthy and fully natural cosmetics of top-notch quality and great effect.

The cosmetics we offer harness carefully selected natural ingredients and exceptional recipes which came into being as a result of hundreds of hours spent on research.

All products have been dermatologically approved, they are regularly analyzed for microbiological purity and they meet the highest quality standards.

The whole production process takes place in our own laboratory where we fuse modern research methods with the traditional, proven manufacturing solutions.

We never use caustic chemicals, dyes, fillers or other harmful additives. We bring out and join benefits that come out of using ecological ingredients: oils, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. We are proud of each and every product that we have created. Give it a try!